This is our bankruptcy/foreclosure research library of additional articles which explain bankruptcy issues more specifically. These articles are not a part of the main menu. The dig down deeper into specific areas of

bankruptcy foreclosure research library

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bankruptcy and foreclosure that we handle in our practice. If you don’t find the answer in our manual or on our website, email us so we can add the topic on foreclosure or bankruptcy.

General Bankruptcy Issues

341 Meeting of CreditorsYour 341 Meeting of Creditors the normal hearing
2004 AuditsWhat if my case is audited
Bankruptcy FormsForms for filing Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy InformationInformation on our manual PowerPoint and audios
Modifying Chapter 13 plansPlan Modifications
Early Discharge Plan ModificationEarly Discharge and Plan Modifications
Bankruptcy Retirement BenefitsRetirement Benefits Can I lose them in Bankruptcy
Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Student Loan Research MaterialHow to Discharge Student Loans Research Material.
Income Based RepaymentIncome Based Repayment Plans
Brunner TestHow to Bankrupt and Discharge Student Loans
Hardship DischargeThe Hardship Discharge
Foreclosure Issues

Credit RepairFix Your Credit Score after Bankruptcy