Here is the video to what may the next Brad Pitt film or what may be an HBO series on Debt Collectors.
It explains how wild debt collection is and the fraud involved in debt collection lawsuits. People may end up paying twice for the same debt just because they failed to ask and verify whether the person calling to collect the debt actually has the right to collect it. Actual debts are often bought for a penny or less on the dollar and then given over to rooms full of collectors. Stolen identities can also be given over to boiler rooms together with the victims debt information so criminals posing as the bank collect payments from customers.

Nationwide identities are stolen and criminals will pretend to be the bank. You pay them and get sued a second time later from someone else who actually owns the debt. Currently there is no effective regulation of what is an out of control situation of people being sued, garnished and foreclosed on completely manufactured records. These records are admitted into court and people are hit with default and summary judgments based on just a spreadsheet.


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