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Payment Plans and PayPal

You may make payments to us online with a PayPal account. But, please call us and let us know when you use this system. Click through this link to go to our PayPal payment page.

Please be aware that if you file bankruptcy, you must not use a charge card that you are discharging in bankruptcy to make these payments. Instead, use a debit card or, for instance, have mom and dad use their charge card or checking account.

If someone does make the payment for you, paying them back is ok. However, you must track the payment amount, who the payment is from, and why you have to make this payment.

Bankruptcy Attorney Fees and Payments

Here are a few things you need to know about payments to attorneys for bankruptcies.

The Standard Attorney Fees

Chapter 7 Attorney fee for a single person: $1,200
Filing Fee: $335
Total: $1,635

Chapter 7 Attorney fee for a married couple: $1,400
Filing Fee: $335
Total: $1,735

Chapter 13 filing fee plus mailing costs: $335
The debtor normally deposits the first 2 plan payments.
Foreclosure Answer: $500
Foreclosure Discovery: $1,000

Please note that you must make Chapter 13 payments directly to the Bankruptcy Trustees rather than your attorney. Also, be aware that your Chapter 13 payments to the Trustee start the date you file.

Chapter 13 Trustees

Western Kentucky Louisville William Lawrence

Eastern Kentucky Lexington Beverly Burden

Southern Indiana Joseph M Black

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If your Chapter 13 payments are too high or low and you need a modification, I am here to help you so call right away. Nick C. Thompson, Attorney: 502-625-0905

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