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File Bankruptcy Online in Louisville, Kentucky

File Bankruptcy Online in Louisville, Kentucky

When you file bankruptcy online using, it saves time, plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Then, take the credit counseling class and make an appointment to come and visit us. It’s really that easy. We use which allows you to fill out your intake information from home. However, if you do not have a computer you may use one in our office.

It’s Easy File Bankruptcy Online in Louisville Kentucky

You will also be able to upload your documents for our access. If you have bank statements, pay stubs, or taxes, simply put those in order and scan them in as a pdf instead of printing them. Additionally, we are willing to make copies of your documents and scan them in for you. Using this site to file online saves both your time and ours so we appreciate it!

By clicking on the link below, we will email the login to to you. Please note that it usually takes about two hours to complete the questionnaire.

Click Here to Start Your Intake Questionnaire

Preparing to File Bankruptcy Online in Louisville Kentucky

Ensure that You Include the Right Documentation

The links below show a normal property list, budget, and overlooked expenses. In Chapter 13, you must live on a tight budget. For example, one judge in Kentucky stated cable internet and phone expenses must be less than 5% of your income.

Your bankruptcy petition must be complete and accurate. We have to document your answers and prove your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. CPAs with the Department of Justice audit bankruptcy filings for accuracy, and completeness. You will be asked to document answers, especially charitable contributions over $100 a month, 401k contributions, school tuition, and medical if the expenses are much higher than average. We review your answers in our office and make any corrections when you come to prepare the petition. We appreciate your filing bankruptcy online because it saves your time and ours.

Further Instructions to File Bankruptcy Online

Debtor Education and Credit Counseling Course Providers

We searched the entire web for you to find the two best course providers. I believe BKcert and StartFreshToday are the best providers. They’re convenient because they file the second Debtor Education class automatically for you. There are less expensive providers but the other educational providers may try to force you into debt settlement programs they offer. BKcert is not the least expensive provider but they are quick.

⎆ BK Cert

For an emergency, is open 24/7. The big advantage to BKcert is we get certificates immediately in case of an emergency filing.

⎆ Start Fresh Today

Interestingly, StartFreshToday offers custom counseling to fit your specific needs. This is a good feature because counseling for foreclosure clients is different than counseling for clients with medical debts or tax problems. So, it may be more relevant to you if you are listening to credit counseling that specifically addresses your problems.

The Start Fresh Today platform conveniently offers the Credit Counseling and Debtor Education courses online or by phone at the same price for single or joint filers with full customer support and fast certificate delivery. 800-435-9138 our attorney code is NT4459. They do close however at 10 pm.

If you can’t afford the above alternatives, contact my Administrative Assistant Toni at 502-625-0903, and she will help you find the least expensive course.

Short Video: How to properly get your free credit report and how hard it is to repair credit.


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Getting Started

If you need help to file bankruptcy online, you are in the right place. Contact my office right away for more information. Nick C. Thompson, Attorney: 502-625-0905

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