If you are going to bankruptcy court Do Not go to the state Courthouse where the divorce and traffic tickets are held.  Bankruptcy Court is the federal court building not the state court building!

Louisville Bankruptcy Court Map 

The Bankruptcy Court in Louisville is in the Federal Courthouse at 601 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202.  You may park directly across the street.  The lot which does not give change, costs 2.50 and uses a credit card.   The Court house is across from the White Castle and next to the Courier Journal Newspaper Building.  If you are going to your 341 hearing go up the elevators in the building to the 5th floor and make 3 right hand turns into the 341 hearing courtroom.

If this is any other type of hearing before one of the judges such as to explain why you have not made payments etc then your hearing is still on the 5th floor you just turn left down the long hall on the first floor to the other elevator to the fifth floor.  Court rooms 1 and 2 cannot be accessed from the elevators on the east side of the building and you have to go up the western elevators instead to courtrooms 1 and 2.  Scroll down to your map.


Lexington Bankruptcy Court Map 

The Lexington Bankruptcy Courthouse is at 100 East Vine St. #200. Lexington, KY 40507 is also on the fifth floor however they rent floors of the bank building 2 doors down from the state courthouse.  Scroll down to your map

Lexington Bankruptcy Court Map


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