Public Employee Student Loan Forgiveness Program

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Most people don’t know that they can remove one tenth of their student loans for every year they work for any non profit or government employer. While you are working for such employers the loan is reported and being paid on time.

Philip G. Schrag  wrote a law review article on this program here Public Employee Student Loan Forgiveness Program.  Also the form to apply for Public Loan Forgiveness is here  Public Service Loan Forgiveness.   The important thing to remember is a large number of people fail to take advantage of this program.  Doctors and Nurses that work for hospitals often qualify because they work for non profit corporations (hospitals).  Teachers and other government employees qualify for it.  Nearly 30% of the population including soldiers and persons who work for churches and religious organizations qualify.  If you work for a church or religious organization your job must involve public service work.  This must be non religious such as being a daycare worker, doctor or teacher that works for that church.

Income Based Repayment and other Discharge Programs

If you are in an income based repayment program you can still use this program.  Every year you work for a public service of non profit reduces the debt.  But you have to apply for the program.  You cant work 10 years and use past work to wipe out the debt.  This is one of 10 different administrative programs which will reduce, forgive or eliminate your student loan debt.  These programs make student loans affordable with reduced or zero payments.  SALT lists nearly 100 different programs.  Please review the other pages of our website about student loan discharges including the undue hardship discharge so you can eliminate your debts.

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