Filing bankruptcy often involves the needless emotions of fear, shame, blame or guilt. These emotions do not mean filing bankruptcy is not right and what you need to do. Often, bankruptcy is the only way to get your life back on track on a budget you can afford.

There is no need to feel ashamed for filing bankruptcy. Life can be hard. Death, accidents, job loss, disability, divorce are event that can happen. It is how you take responsibility for it that matters. Bankruptcy can be taking responsibility and catching up the mortgage payments. 

Bankruptcy is often facing the reality a debt can not be reasonably repaid and needs to be discharged.   Bankruptcy can be the way to prevent an unfair creditor from collecting.  You and your family deserve a second chance. You deserve to live on a reasonable budget. Bankruptcy allows you recovery and dignity. It often allows you to keep property you can afford and need. 

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Filing Bankruptcy is supposed to be a fresh start and a new beginning. Bankruptcy is a chance to put your finances back in order with a new budget. You get piece of mind. The problems didn’t happen overnight. Your problems won’t be cured overnight. It will take work and time. But if you spend 8 – 10 hours we can prepare and file a quality petition which puts you on the path to recovery. When it is over, you will be living your life with an affordable budget.

Bankruptcy made simple

Bankruptcy does not have to be a complicated process. There are four simple, steps to filing bankruptcy with our office.  You have to:

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Fill out an intake
  3. Take your counseling and
  4. Schedule a 1-2 hour appointment to prepare your bankruptcy properly.

Each step will take about 2 hours. Doing a sloppy petition, rushed and cheap often means:

  • you do it twice,
  • you don’t get all the benefits you could have,
  • or you lose property.

Our manual explains the tricks and traps. OK it is boring. But 4 hours of reading 60 pages often saves you thousands.  

There is life after bankruptcy!

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I know you are probably feeling overwhelmed and praying for a miracle. We are here to give you a new fresh start, save homes, give you back your life, dignity, and peace of mind. My initial consultation is free. I have been doing bankruptcy and foreclosure defense work for over 30 years since 1988. You will leave my office knowing whether bankruptcy is right for you and exactly what to do. You won’t meet with a paralegal or young attorney just out of school to prepare your bankruptcy. I personally meet with every client and prepare every petition. 100% of our Chapter 7 petitions for the last three years were successful and discharged. Other attorneys often refused to do the work to file some of the higher-income individuals as Chapter 7 cases.  We got them approved by taking the time to argue and document their reasonable and necessary expenses.

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