Professional, Knowledgable, Fast and Thorough

After ten years of marriage my wife called me on the phone one day to announce she was filing for divorce. I was shocked to say the least. In an effort to “be a man” and “do the right thing” I foolishly absorbed ALL of the debt and after the decimating blow of a foreclosure. I figured it was best for the kids in the long run.

I went to Nick Thompson’s web-site upon the recommendation of a friend and was immediately struck by the informative nature of the site. Mr. Thompson could be a teacher of bankruptcy law, not simply a practitioner.

I called his office and scheduled my free consultation. When I met with him I was discouraged and confused, not to mention embarrassed by the failure of my first marriage and my financial disarray. But he patiently listened to my story and encouraged me to have hope. After the first thirty minutes my heart felt lighter as he assured me none of this was the end of the world and that there was a proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”.

As he advised me, he never once tried to “sell” me on filing bankruptcy, in fact, he discussed a number of options and encouraged me to do what was best in my situation. He took the time to explain to me how a bankruptcy would impact my credit and what steps I could take to rebuild it in the years that followed. He even directed me to some financing companies that specialize in helping folks like me quickly re-establish their standing.

Filing was easy, I simply had to gather the required documents, enter my debts into a website program that was as simple as turbo tax and Mr. Thompson did the rest. He contacted me well in advance of my court date and reviewed the proceedings with me. He even made a personal call the day before the hearing to remind me to be there on time.

Walking into a federal bankruptcy court was something I never dreamed I would need to do and it was something you cannot prepare yourself for; however, having Nick Thompson as my attorney absorbed 90% of my fears and he did prepare me when I couldn’t prepare myself. When we met the judge (it was only the three of us at a small table!) his confidence masked my fears, as he did most of the talking for me. I had more than an attorney at my side, I had a true advocate. There were no surprises whatsoever, and everything went just as smooth as he said they would.

In summary, I strongly recommend him as a bankruptcy attorney. He is knowledgeable, generous with his time, the process was simple, he was prepared on the day of my hearing and everything has worked out perfectly. I also would note that the cost of his services were quite comparable and the end result has saved me tens of thousands of dollars… well worth the cost of the bankruptcy!

Professional, Knowledgable, Fast and Thorough


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