I have known and known of attorney Nick Thompson for at least 15 years. In that time I have seen him and his practice of law evolve into that of the most knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney I know. If you have a bankruptcy law question, or are faced with a foreclosure crisis of your own, Nick is your answer. Period. There just isn’t anyone better in the state, in my opinion.
Ronald Burdge Testimonial
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Ronald Burdge

Ohio Lemon Auto Attorney

Nick Thompson is one of those rare individuals that will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the very best service and support when you’re using his Firm. I’ve know him for several years now and am also a client. He did a great job for me and solved some big problems. I am very grateful...
Donald Gaw Testimonial
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D. Gaw Partners, LLC

Exceptional, responsive and reliable My case went exactly as Nick predicted, he guided me through all aspects of what to do and what to expect and his staff was exceptional as well! I highly recommend Nick Thompson.
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Bankruptcy Guru Nick was very responsive and understanding. Help me get through an already hard time my life. Nick explained and worked closely in order to resolve issues that I myself was unqualified to perform. I highly recommend anyone to allow Nick to represent you when times become to tuff to go it alone
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Takes the fear out of the scariest moments in life. Nick was able to make the most difficult moments of my life bearable and gave me a second chance. Everything he did was painfree and things happened exactly as he said they would. I am glad I did what I had to do as I am on the fast track...
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couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. 55 yrs old and got divorced after 30 yrs. My life was turned upside down. Best call I ever made between nick and Sarah they make you feel like family and help you thru the whole process. I was amazed….
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Jim Nett

Fantastic Job Nick handled my Chapter 13 bankruptcy without a hitch. Knowledgeable in all aspects and answered my questions completely. An all around great person.
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He’s the best!! Mr. Thompson is an excellent attorney and works very hard for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him – and have many times! With his superior knowledge of the law, He makes sure that his clients rights are protected under the law and he explains things every step of the way. When I call him,...
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Attorney Relations – DEBT EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION FOUNDATION We work with Nick’s clients in the counseling realm of the bankruptcy process and his clients speak highly of him and his staff. We deal with some of the finest attorneys in the field of bankruptcy and consider it an honor to work with him and his staff
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David Bullock


Bankruptcy/Debt Relief Lawyer in KY Nick knows the bankruptcy code extremely well and is able to communicate sound and helpful advice in a timely and understandable manner. He helped me navigate some complex bankruptcy issues and achieve a favorable result. I give him an unqualified recommendation for any bankruptcy or debt relief matter.
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Professional, Knowledgable, Fast and Thorough After ten years of marriage my wife called me on the phone one day to announce she was filing for divorce. I was shocked to say the least. In an effort to “be a man” and “do the right thing” I foolishly absorbed ALL of the debt and after the decimating blow of a foreclosure....
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