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Nick Thompson did the webinar and contributed to the book used by lawyers to battle student loans. He was able to obtain a discharge of his own student loans using his system.

Need Help with a Specific Student Loan Problem?

We offer several services at additional cost, and among these are:

In our law practice we meet many people for whom student loans are a big problem. The debt burden looms over their lives and they worry about their and their loved ones’ futures. It’s hard for them to see any good way through. In a lot of ways, managing your student loan debt is like doing your income taxes. Sometimes it can be fairly easy, but sometimes you really want professional help to be sure it’s getting done the best way to your benefit, and done legally. Some situations are in fairly straight-forward, and it is not too hard to do it yourself if you want to, though it can be a little time-consuming.

⎆ Your Louisville, Kentucky student loan collection defense lawyer.

This is just a partial list of some of the items to consider if you have student loan issues. So, if you are suffering from an abusive situation with a student loan, contact my office right away to start the conversation. Nick C. Thompson, Attorney: 502-625-0905

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