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Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Forms

Welcome to our bankruptcy forms resource page. These forms are to help you plan and manage your bankruptcy for all three regional bankruptcy courts where we practice in Louisville, Lexington, and New Albany, Indiana. So, if you’re filing bankruptcy in Louisville, or the other areas listed, feel free to contact our office for more information.

Sometimes a client needs a form or people are online searching for the right form, so we freely supply this resource. For your convenience, at the bottom of this page, you will find links to other pages on this site with forms listed in their respective bankruptcy forms categories.

People from all over the internet help us work together to provide these bankruptcy forms. So, we appreciate your contacting us and letting us know when a form needs updating or replacing.

After downloading please check to ensure this is the current form. Also, please contact us if the form needs updating and send us the link to the updated bankruptcy form’s location.

Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Forms

Please note that these are “download” links so when you click on them, they download automatically to your desktop.

Affidavit Incomplete Transfer
Bankruptcy Changes to Code
Bankruptcy Chart
Checklist of Documents needed for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Checklist of Documents needed for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Guide for filing motions with the bankruptcy court for attorneys
General Bankruptcy Audio
If you need a copy of paper records for pre-2002 cases
Our Timeline showing the process for a Bankruptcy
Budget Personal
Business Income
Car value for Chapter 13 cramdown or redemption
Chapter 13 Budget – Word
Chapter 13 Budget – PDF
Chapter 13 Budget Expenses – Word
Chapter 13 Budget Expenses – PDF
Chapter 13 Self-employment questionnaire
Chapter 13 UST Analysis of 22C Means Test
Chapter 7 13 Discharge eligibility
Chapter 7 UST Analysis of 22A Means Test
CMI calculator
Consecutive Filing Discharge Chart
Credit Bureau Discharge Dispute letter
Credit Collection Agency Verification Letter
Credit Report Request
Credit Score Factors
Form 23 Indiana
Hardship Interrogatories
Hardship Produce Docs
How to Bankrupt Student Loans ECMC Jesperson
Intake Sheet Bank – Word
Intake Sheet Bank – PDF
Kentucky Chapter 13 handbook Eastern 2008
Map Eastern Kentucky Districts
Map Indiana Districts
Map Kentucky Districts
Map to our office
Means Test analysis
Means Test Estimated Tax Calculator
Means Test
Means Test Guide
Means Test Income 11-2010 – Word
Means Test Income 11-2010 – PDF
Median Income
Often Overlooked Expenses – Word
Often Overlooked Expenses – PDF
Order Dismissing Failure to Supply Docs in 14 Days
Powerpoint Foreclosure
The ProSe Manual Provided by the Bankruptcy Court for Pro Se Filers 
Schedule AB Real Personal Property Model for 3 persons
Self-employment Questionnaire – Word
Self-employment Questionnaire – PDF
Student Loan Hardship

Free Bankruptcy Manual Nick Thompson Bankruptcy by Nick Thompson, Bankruptcy AttorneyOther Bankruptcy Forms & Resources

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Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Forms

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Student Loan Bankruptcy Forms

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