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Kentucky Indiana Bankruptcy Manual

Our 80 page Bankruptcy Manualaudio seminars  and How to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and How to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy PowerPoints are free.   This information is meant to help you to prepare for your case whether you are in Kentucky, Indiana or elsewhere.

The How to File Bankruptcy Manual guides you through several Bankruptcy topics.  It covers how to keep your property and how to bankrupt more of your debts.  The information in our manuals or on our tapes is not a substitute for specific legal advice in your state but it does cover the bankruptcy topics that you need to know if you want to save your property and get the most out of filing a bankruptcy.

Our Manuals audio and PowerPoints are free, just download your copy.  The Kentucky Bankruptcy Manual was written by a Bankruptcy attorney that explains the tricks and traps in Bankruptcy!

No cost! No obligation!

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Download the  Kentucky Bankruptcy Manual or the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy PowerpPoint presentations in .pdf format.