Nick Thompson presented the webinar and contributed to the King Publications book used by lawyers to battle student loans. He was able to obtain a discharge of his student loans using his system.

In our law practice, we meet many people for whom student loans are a big problem. The debt burden looms over their lives, and they worry about the future for themselves and their loved ones. In many ways, managing your student loan debt is like doing your income taxes: sometimes it can be simple, but other times you want professional help to be sure it’s done right and for maximum effect!

Nick Thompson has many years of experience and has helped thousands of clients with debt issues. You will get an honest and trustworthy opinion about whether we can help you with your student loans and other debt; we cannot and will not make misleading claims about what can and cannot be done for your situation.  For many people there is just a simple application to the department of education. Others need us to defend student loan lawsuits.  Still others may need planning.

Our Services for Kentucky Student Loans:

  • Getting you out of default and creating a plan to keep you out of default
  • Help Stopping a student loan garnishment or tax refund intercept
  • Helping you qualify for the Public Service Forgiveness Discharge
  • Helping to set up an Income-Based Repayment plan for you
  • Discharging your student loans if you have become disabled
  • Negotiating private student loan debt settlements
  • Representing you if you are sued for a student Loan
  • Stopping illegal collection activity by your student loan lender or other creditors
  • Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect your co-signers and create a plan for you with a reasonable payment
  • Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of other, dischargeable debt so you can better afford student loan payments

Call now if Student Loans have become a problem

Call and make an appointment for your consultation. Advice about your student loan or just read our main page on how to manage your student loan. If you need in-depth analysis and guide to your problem, we offer a one-hour consultation for $150
In your one-hour appointment, you will learn what can be done to overcome and take command of your student loan debt. You will receive a knowledgeable evaluation of all the options available to you, a plan based on those options, and clear and understandable answers to all your questions. You may use our plan as a guide to follow on your own, or you may want us to work with you and take action right away: it’s your decision.  Be sure to read our major page on how to manage your student loans.