I used to work for the tax department as an assistant attorney general litigating tax cases and now I specifically file cases to bankrupt income taxes. These forms are to help you manage and bankrupt income taxes. People from all over the internet and United States help us work together to discharge and manage your income tax debt. Forms from the Tax Department and other sources are always being updated and changing. We provide some forms from our site and you should download them. But after downloading, you should check to make sure this is the current form. Please let us know if the form needs to be updated, send us any newer form and let us know where you found it. The link on the left is the document the description for the document is on the right.

Certificate of Property Discharge
Federal Tax Lien Release

Discharge Release Income Tax Property Lien
 Instructions how to fill out the Tax Lien Release
Failure to release lien

GRISWOLD v. UNITED STATES Lawsuit over the failure to release

How to Discharge Income Taxes in Chapter 7 13 Bankruptcy
Our power point on how to discharge Income Taxes in Bankruptcy
 Income tax liens not collected Report on how Liens were not timely filed by IRS
IRS CCA IRS explains what debts can be discharged in Bankruptcy
IRS Collection Process p594 Collection Procedures Manual
 IRS FORM 8821 Tax Information Authorization Form to allow attorney to have tax information
 Offer in Compromise f656booklet Offer in Compromise Booklet
p575 Pension and Annuity Income Publication
Service of Process IRSThis is how to serve the IRS lists the agents for service of
Tax Transcript Codes Tax Transcript Codes to properly understand if the time has run you have to look at the account transcript and use these codes to determine when the 3 year, 2 year, 240 days and other rules have run.