I want to be the go-to attorney in Kentucky and Southern Indiana for student loan issues. These forms are to help you manage and bankrupt student loans. People from all over the internet and the US help us work together to discharge and manage your student loans. Forms from the Department of Education and some other sources are regularly updating and changing.

After downloading please check to ensure this is the current form. Also, please contact us if the form needs updating and send us the link to the updated form’s location.

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NACBA Student Loan Debt Report2012 Student Loan Debt Report from the NACBA National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
NACBA Student Loan News Release2012 Student Loan News Release from NACBA National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
NACBA Student Loan SurveyStudent Loan Debt Crisis Survey – February 7, 2012
2007 Public Employee Student Loan ForgivenessCase explaining how to calculate a Chapter 13 plan to allow for student loan repayment without discrimination
2009 DOE Collection Procedures ManualPCA Procedures Manual – 2009 ED Collections Contract
Discharging Student Loans in BankruptcyDischarging Student Loans in Bankruptcy
Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearing RequestRequest for Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearing
Alternative Documentation of IncomeIncome Contingent Repayment Plan – Alternative Documentation of Income
Audit of Cohort Student Loan Default ratesAudit to Determine if Cohort Default Rates Provide Sufficient Information on Defaults in the Title IV Loan Programs
Clarifying Student Loan Treatment in Ch.13 plansIn re Espinosa – Clarifying Student Loan Treatment in Chapter 13 Plans (or not) – John M. Hauber
Closed SchoolLoan Discharge Application for School Closure
Cole Testimony Before Congress – Student Loans Based on Future IncomeCole Testimony before Congress – Student Loans Based on Future Income
Collector SalariesTaxpayers Fund $454,000 Pay for Collector Chasing Student Loans – Bloomberg
Comments to the Consumer Financial Protection BureauComments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Request for Information Regarding Private Education Loans and Private Educational Lenders
Complaint to Determine Student Loans Undue HardshipSample Pleadings and Letters – Complaint to Determine Dischargeability of Student Loan
Delinquency-The Untold Story FINAL March_2011Delinquency: The Untold Story of Student Loan Borrowing
Department of Education Collections ContractStatement of Work – US Dept. of Education – 2008 Collections Contract
Department of Education Disability Discharge FormDept. of Education – Discharge Application – Total and Permanent Disability
Department of Education Disability Discharge InstructionsDefaulted Student Loan Accounts Referred to DOJ for Enforced Collection – Instructions for Completion and Submission of Total and Permanent Disability – Application – Rev. 02/11/09
Dischargeability of Student LoansDischargeability of Student Loans – A Panel Presentation for the 22nd Annual Spring Meeting – American Bankruptcy Institute – April 17, 2004
DOE Financial Hardship ClaimU.S. Department of Education – Financial Disclosure Statement
ECMC Seminar Handout Student Loan – Zaun 2003COHEAO TELECONFERENCE SERIES – May 8, 2003 – Student Loans in Bankruptcy – Curtis P. Zaun, Associate Attorney, Educational Credit Mgmt. Corp.
Economic Hardship DefermentECONOMIC HARDSHIP DEFERMENT REQUEST – William D. Ford – Federal Direct Loan Program
False Certification ClaimLOAN DISCHARGE APPLICATION – FALSE CERTIFICATION (ABILITY TO BENEFIT) – Federal Family Education Loan Program – William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program
False Certification of Benefits Claim
Federal Register
Federal Loan Programs
GAO report Default Rates and More
Loan Forgiveness, Cancellation & DischargeLoan Forgiveness, Cancellation & Discharge, Debra Eddy, USA Funds Services
How to File for Student Loan Bankruptcy
How to File for Student Loan Bankruptcy(PowerPoint presentation)
IBR Application
Identity Theft Claim
Income-Based Repayment
Income-based Repayment – Common Questions
Income-Based Repayment Plan
Law School is No Longer Profitable as a Degree
Verification of Income Letter
Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney
National Student Loan Data System Report (NSLDS)
NCLC 60-Day Comments – ED Response – 12/09/2011
NJ Disability Discharge Form
No Way Out
Objective Approach to Discharging Student Loans – Aaron Taylor
Partial Discharge Student Loans Bayuk
PCR Rehab Info Redacted
Post Materials 1 Cohen LinkedIn
Private Collection Agencies (PCA) Procedures Guide
Public Service Employment Certification Form
Resources for Student Loan Discharges
Student Loan Bankruptcy
Student Loan Bankruptcy
Student Loan Collector Salary
Student Loan Consolidation Packet
Student Loan Debt Relief Report NCLC
Student Loan Default rates
Student loan Default Trap NCLC Report
Student Loan Disability Discharge Packet
Student Loan Discharge Form Disability 34 CFR 682
Student Loan Espinosa Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure in Reorganization Cases
Student Loan Examples
Student Loan Hardship after Espinosa
Student Loan Hardship Discharge salary
Student Loan Life Sentence
Student Debt and the Class of 2010 NR
The Discharge Ability of Educational Loans as an Undue Hardship
Unauthorized Signature
Undue Hardship Discharge Litigation Undue Hardship Discharge Litigation
Undue Hardship Student Loan Discharges Study Iuliano
Unreasonable Repayment Requirement
Student Loan Borrower Assistance – Loan Cancellation

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