Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney Foreclosure Lawyer

Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney & Foreclosure Lawyer

Nick Thompson is a Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney and Foreclosure lawyer.  He is a former Assistant Attorney General and Assistant County Attorney who practices bankruptcy and foreclosure defense.  Nick was one of the first attorneys licensed before the US Tax Court with license #51.  He was a former prosecutor with the tax department.  Nick has written and taught seminars with Morgan King and NBI on how to bankrupt taxes and student loans.  Nick is known for getting cases approved when clients barely pass the means test.  Sooner or later disasters happen.  When disaster happens you may need to file bankruptcy with Nick Thompson to get a fresh start. 

Louisville Bankruptcy Attorney

Nick has filed over 5,000 bankruptcy cases in Louisville Kentucky since 1991 and has practiced bankruptcy and foreclosure defense work since 1988.   He has taught and written on how to sue debt collectors and defend foreclosures.  Whether you are filing a Chapter 7 , Chapter 13 or simply fighting a foreclosure or tax problem Nick offers free consultations and a plan to eliminate debt.

Louisville Foreclosure Lawyer

Nick has taught the Lorman NBI Foreclosure and Bankruptcy courses for over four years to other lawyers.  Whether you need additional time in the home to find a new house or need to catch up the mortgage with a Chapter 13 he has a solution.  While married to the president of the mortgage bankers association Nick made refinancing homes and modifying mortgages possible for debtors.  Nick helped make financial peace university available for his clients who have filed bankruptcy.   He has also written and lectured on getting a life after bankruptcy through repairing your credit.  

Now Nick has made filing Bankruptcy Effective & Simple for consumers and Businesses in 4 easy steps!

Gather Your Documents

The below link sends you to the list of the documents you must provide to the Court and explains what Trustees look for.  We scan them into pdf format or you may upload them in your intake. Gathering documents normally takes about 2 hours if you keep records.

Send me to the list of Docs I need

Fill Out Your Intake

The below link allows you to easily and accurately complete an intake from home.   It emails you a link to your own personal intake questionnaire.  If you have complete documents you may be able to file your bankruptcy in one trip! 

Email me the Link

Take Your Counseling

You cannot file a bankruptcy without first attending a "credit counseling" course and getting the certificate.  To finish and get a discharge you need the second “debtor education” certificate.   The below link goes to a page describing the 2 best places!

Send me to counseling

Schedule Appointment

I personally prepare your petition.  We have appointments at 9, 11, 1, and 3 with evening and weekend appointments under special conditions.   To prepare your petition we need your income information.  You can prepare the petition before you take counseling. 

Call 625-0905 Contact us

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Nick Thompson

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I have known and known of attorney Nick Thompson for at least 15 years. In that time I have seen him and his practice of law evolve into that of the most knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney I know. If you have a bankruptcy law question, or are faced with a foreclosure crisis of your own, Nick is your answer. Period. There just isn’t anyone better in the state, in my opinion.
Ronald Burdge Testimonial

Ronald Burdge

Ohio Lemon Auto Attorney

Nick Thompson is one of those rare individuals that will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the very best service and support when you’re using his Firm. I’ve know him for several years now and am also a client. He did a great job for me and solved some big problems. I am very grateful for all his help. I would recommend him, without question, to any of my closest friends and relatives.
Donald Gaw Testimonial
Donald Gaw

D. Gaw Partners, LLC

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