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Sooner or later, disasters happen. That’s when you need a fresh start. Nick is committed to you and your family. In fact, he personally works on your case and does not hand you over to a paralegal or a junior attorney. Call today for the legal counsel you need to help you through your financial crisis.

Louisville Kentucky’s Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Attorney

With Nick as your attorney, he personally spends four to six hours with you to properly prepare your bankruptcy petition. He does less than 20 cases per month. That gives him the right amount of time to handle each case effectively. Again, you are never handed off to a paralegal or a junior attorney.

Louisville Kentucky's Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney

Awarded by three best rated for the fifth straight year as one of the top three bankruptcy attorneys in Kentucky

Nick has over 70 five-star reviews on Avvo from clients with an astounding 5 of 5 stars rating. Over 30 attorneys recommend him as the lawyer to go to on Avvo. On Google, there are over 44 five-star rating reviews from KY clients. For five consecutive years, Nick has received the Three Best Rated award as one of the top three best-rated consumer bankruptcy attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky.

One of Kentucky’s Top Rated Foreclosure Lawyer

Nick was also chosen by the National Business Institute (NBI) to teach attorneys nationwide about how to fight foreclosures, and tax and student loan collections. Interestingly, he was one of the first 50 to obtain a license before the United States Tax Court in Washington, DC (license #51). This honor gives Nick high qualifications for defending foreclosures and filing bankruptcy.  Give yourself that fresh start and call now for a free appointment.

Bankruptcy Foreclosure Attorney

Nick C. Thompson

Louisville Kentucky's Top 3 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney

We make filing Bankruptcy Quick, Effective & Simple in 4 easy steps!

Step 1 Gather Your Documents

The below link pops up the list of documents you must provide to the Court. Trustees are looking for assets, income and transfers like gifts to family just before filing. You may upload files as part of the intake or we will scan documents. Keep them in order.

Step 2 Fill out an Online Intake

The link below allows you to complete an intake and upload PDF files from home. We also scan documents for you. If we have complete documents you should be able to file your bankruptcy in one trip! Note: when you upload files, please put them in 1,2,3,4 order.

Step 3 Take the Required Classes

Before filing a Chapter 7 or 13 you have to take a counseling class. Your case is immediately dismissed if it is filed without it. After filing you must take a second debtor education class to get the discharge. You can come in and prepare your petition without a counseling certificate but we can’t file until we get it.

Step 4 Call and Make the Appointment

People who read our Manual know how to file a 7 or 13 and get the most benefit. Many clients get their bankruptcy prepared in one trip if they know which chapter they want and come in with documents. Make the appointment now and talk to Nick personally to file your Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Defense.

One of the Highest Google Client Ratings for a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure attorney for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

At one time, Nick worked for lenders. But, he made a decision over 33 years ago to defend consumers from foreclosures and debt collectors. That’s why, since 1988, Nick’s experience includes thousands of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and foreclosure cases. Call today and make an appointment with an attorney who not only cares enough to handle your case personally – Nick has the experience you need.

Testimonials from Clients and Other Attorneys

I have known and known of attorney Nick Thompson for at least 15 years. In that time I have seen him and his practice of law evolve into that of the most knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney I know. If you have a bankruptcy law question, or are faced with a foreclosure crisis of your own, Nick is your answer. Period. There just isn’t anyone better in the state, in my opinion.

Ronald Burdge, Ohio Lemon Auto Attorney

Nick Thompson is one of those rare individuals that will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the very best service and support when you’re using his Firm. I’ve know him for several years now and am also a client. He did a great job for me and solved some big problems. I am very grateful for all his help. I would recommend him, without question, to any of my closest friends and relatives.

Donald Gaw, D. Gaw Partners, LLC

Nick Thompson is one of those rare individuals that will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the very best service and support when you’re using his Firm. I’ve know him for several years now and am also a client. He did a great job for me and solved some big problems. I am very grateful for all his help. I would recommend him, without question, to any of my closest friends and relatives.


Avvo Top Lawyer 2013-2020 | 69 Reviews 10.0 Rating

Your first obligation is to yourself and your family not to the bank.
Let us explain your options!
The bank’s attorney won’t explain to you how you can sue them back.
They will record every conversation and then use it against you in court as an admission.

Bankruptcy Filing Time Limitations etc Filing bankruptcy often involves the needless emotions of fear, shame, blame or guilt. These emotions do not mean filing bankruptcy is not right and what you need to do. Often, bankruptcy is the only way to get your life back on track on a budget you can afford. Read More

Events like fire, flood, and disasters happen. Even the best people can find themselves unable to cover their mortgage payments. If you miss mortgage payments for two months or longer you go into foreclosure. With a foreclosure you face a simple financial decision to keep it or let it go back. We help you properly go down one of two paths. Read More

Louisville Kentucky's Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can do everything a Chapter 7 can – only better. Chapter 13 has more tools to deal with a wider variety of problems a Chapter 7 can’t solve. A Chapter 13 can ensure a mortgage is caught up over time. It may be you can’t qualify for chapter 7 yet. Perhaps you filed another Chapter 7 less than eight years ago. A Chapter 13 can manage or cure a defaulted secured debt. Read More

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is quick and inexpensive – the process is over in just about four months, and no payments are made to the court. You don’t have to turn in an annual budget or ask permission later to sell or buy property. But there are other reasons to choose chapter 7. Read More

How to File Bankruptcy Without Losing Your Home
by Nick C. Thompson

For over 30 years, almost everyone who has come into my office recognizes taking care of their family is more important than paying the bank. But, the mistake people make is that they wait too long to file bankruptcy. They don’t understand bankruptcy because they don’t do it every day. Download my book and you will understand bankruptcy. Here are some topics you may expect to learn more about in this book:

1. Plan a bankruptcy early to get the most benefit and keep from losing assets.
2. Avoid lawyers who put you into a Chapter 13 because it pays him higher fees.
3. People often cash in a retirement they could have kept by filing bankruptcy.
4. Never mortgage your home or cash in a retirement to repay debts you can bankrupt.
5. If you transfer property properly, you might be able to keep it.
6. The bank or mortgage company attorneys do not tell you how to sue the bank back.
7. Don’t trust the bank’s lawyers. Do trust the advice of the qualified lawyer you hire.

Louisville Kentucky's Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney

Nick C. Thompson

Louisville Kentucky’s Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney who
wrote the book on how to file bankruptcy!

With over 30 years of experience that includes almost 4,000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 case filings, in addition to the foreclosure cases. My majors include tax, accounting, and engineering at Indiana University Southeast and University of Louisiana.

While not a CPA, I have training, sat for the CPA exam, and ran an accounting division of an oil company. However, accounting is not my passion. Rather, I am a lawyer by nature and a lifelong student of mathematics.
I am also the author of manuals, audio productions, and videos on how to file bankruptcy and defend foreclosure cases.

Additionally, the NBI features me in bankruptcy and foreclosure defense in continuing legal education seminars for attorneys.
I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).

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