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As of June 2018, Nick had 66 5 star reviews from clients with an average of 5 stars on Avvo. 31 Attorneys nationwide have recommended him as the lawyer to go to on Avvo. He has been chosen by NBI to teach attorneys nationwide how to file bankruptcy and fight foreclosures, tax, and student loan collections. He was one of the first 50 assistant attorney generals to obtain a license before the United States Tax Court in Washington DC with license # 51. He wrote the book on how to file bankruptcy.

Nick studied accounting, sat for the CPA exam and studied engineering at U of L but decided to practice law.  He chose 30 years ago to defend consumers from debt collectors after working for lenders. Since 1988 Nick has done thousands of bankruptcy and foreclosure cases.

Nick personally spends an average of 4 to 6 hours with you to properly prepare your bankruptcy petition. He does less than 18 cases a month so he can spend the time needed on his cases. You don’t get handed off to a paralegal or junior attorney while he is on the golf course.

Sooner or later a disaster will happen. You will need to recover and start over. Look over Nick’s reviews on Justia, Google and Avvo as the attorney lawyers and bankers use to file bankruptcy and get a fresh start.  Every day the bank's attorney works to foreclose and adds his fees at 250 to 350 per hour to the costs of your mortgage.  Call now to stop collections or a foreclosure immediately.

 Filing Bankruptcy made Quick, Effective & Simple in 4 easy steps!

Gather Your Documents

The below link sends you to the list of documents you must provide to the Court.  Gathering the documents takes about 2 hours.  We explain what the Trustees are looking for. We scan them into pdf format or you may upload them to your intake.

Get the documents here

Fill Out An Intake

The below link allows you to easily and accurately complete an intake from home. It emails you a link to your own personal intake questionnaire.  If you have complete documents you may be able to file your bankruptcy in one trip!

Email me the Link to fill it out online

Take Required Classes

You have to take the first class to file. We prefer BKCert. You have to take the second class after the case is filed to get the discharge. You can prepare your petition before you take the class but we cant file it without the certification you took it.

Link to the Better Classes

Make the Appointment

People who read our information, know whether they need a 7 or 13. Knowing means better results. Some get a bankruptcy filed in one trip. Make the appointment and talk to Nick personally to file your Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Defense.

Make the Appointment

Call Now For An Appointment 502-625-0903

Highest Google Client Rating

Highest Google Client Rating

 66 Avvo 5 Star Ratings by Clients & National Attorneys

More than any other Louisville Bankruptcy Attorney

Top Bankruptcy Attorney!

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Who Is Nick Tompson


With 30 years of experience in Louisville, KY, Nick is the bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyer clients, and attorneys recommend on Avvo, Google, and Linkedin.


  • I have known and known of attorney Nick Thompson for at least 15 years. In that time I have seen him and his practice of law evolve into that of the most knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney I know. If you have a bankruptcy law question, or are faced with a foreclosure crisis of your own, Nick is your answer. Period. There just isn’t anyone better in the state, in my opinion.
    Ronald Burdge Testimonial

    Ronald Burdge

    Ohio Lemon Auto Attorney

  • Nick Thompson is one of those rare individuals that will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the very best service and support when you’re using his Firm. I’ve know him for several years now and am also a client. He did a great job for me and solved some big problems. I am very grateful for all his help. I would recommend him, without question, to any of my closest friends and relatives.
    Donald Gaw Testimonial
    Donald Gaw

    D. Gaw Partners, LLC

  • Exceptional, responsive and reliable My case went exactly as Nick predicted, he guided me through all aspects of what to do and what to expect and his staff was exceptional as well! I highly recommend Nick Thompson.
    Exceptional, responsive and reliable