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I don’t run a bankruptcy factory or a national law firm. When you come to my office, I personally talk with you and spend 2-6 hours to prepare and submit your case.

I am able to do this because my office doesn’t advertise to get thousands of cases and then hand you over to a paralegal while we’re on vacation in France. Instead, I make it a point to personally appear at your hearing rather than sending a junior attorney. What’s more, I only take 10-20 clients each month. That allows me to do my best in every case and gives me the time to personally get to know each client.

Regardless of the reason your financial problem happens, with my experience in handling economic issues for over 30 years in thousands of cases, you are in the right place. Fill out our contact form to the right of this page, or call 502-625-0903 for bankruptcy and foreclosure help.


Since 1988, I’ve been practicing bankruptcy. Additionally, I was one of the first attorneys in America to be licensed before the US Tax Court (License #51.) I am a former Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Tax Department and a former Assistant Bullitt County Attorney. I’ve also won several student loan undue hardship discharges, which other attorneys claim is impossible. What’s more, I filed the first Chapter 11 Small Business Reorganization Act case in Western Kentucky.

Our Louisville Office is convenient for all three regional bankruptcy courts where we practice in Louisville, Lexington, and New Albany, Indiana.

When you come to me with your bankruptcy, I prepare all your petitions and appear in court for all of your hearings. You are never handed over to a paralegal or junior attorney. Instead, you receive the personal attention that you deserve.

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Download our manual to learn step-by-step how to handle foreclosures, student loans, and bankrupt income taxes.

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Louisville Bankruptcy Attorney Foreclosure Lawyer Nick Thompson

Louisville’s Top-rated Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorney

Bankruptcy is the one financial tool that increases your worth thousands or even millions of dollars within hours or days. In fact, even the federal government has agreed in three studies that when it is proper, filing bankruptcy dramatically increases a person’s net worth.

If each day is a struggle to make ends meet, bankruptcy offers you the ability to restructure your budget. I help clients discharge their debts, regain control of their finances, and get the fresh start they deserve. With my history of serving individuals throughout the Louisville Kentucky area for over 30 years, you are in the right place.

Toni handles administrative questions so, if you want to know about attorney fees, filing documents, and the time of your hearing, contact Toni at 502-625-0903.

When you visit, you will meet with me for 2-3 hours to develop a strategy and prepare your bankruptcy. If you cannot make your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance. Our standard appointments are as follows:

  • 9-11
  • 11-1
  • 1-3
  • 3-5

Don’t struggle another day. Contact me today for a free same or next-day appointment at 502-625-0905 between 9 am and 5 pm. Remember, you might file your bankruptcy in just one trip when you complete the intake and bring all of your supporting documents with you to this first meetingk.

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