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Did you know that it is possible to bankrupt your student loans? Learn more about it on our site. Our resources have been shared for free by bankruptcy attorney Nick C. Thompson.

Kentucky Student Loan Help

Nick Thompson presented the webinar and contributed to the King Publications book used by lawyers to battle student loans. He was able to obtain a discharge of his student loans using his system. In our law practice, we meet many people [...]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Student Loans

The two types of student loans There are two basic types of student loans. Private Student loans and Government Student Loans. Government student loans can garnish wages, seize tax refunds, levy bank accounts and even take social security benefits without going to [...]

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Student Loan Servicers Abuse IDR IBR

This is how Student loan servicers abuse IDR IBR applications. To make your student loans manageable: Your student loan is almost always managed by a servicer. The system acts similarly to how mortgages are serviced.  A servicer is a private company that [...]

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