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Bankruptcy Attorney in Louisville, KY - Nick C. Thompson

Filing bankruptcy or defending a foreclosure in Louisville, Kentucky can be quick and simple with Nick Thompson. Just follow the 4 text links above to make it easy and effective.

Timing it right is a huge issue with foreclosure, income tax and student loan issues.  Many student loans and most income tax debts can be discharged if you wait the correct length of time and file properly. If you want to understand how to use bankruptcy to manage student loans, taxes and foreclosure make a free appointment!   You may also want to research the information on our website using the upper right hand corner magnifying glass tool or download our manual.  We try to post the answers on every topic.  Nick Thompson has been dedicated to filing bankruptcy and foreclosure defense cases and teaching attorneys how to do it for over 25 years.

Compare our consumer reviews from AvvoLinkedIn and Google to reviews for other Louisville firms.  Nick is often chosen by Lorman and NBI seminars to train other attorneys how to bankrupt student loans, income taxes and defend foreclosures. Over 1000 bankruptcy lawyers follow him and over 200 attorneys have recommended him as the bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney to go to on LinkedIn. Nick has filed over 4,000 bankruptcy and foreclosure defense cases since 1988.

Louisville, KY Bankruptcy Attorney

Nick personally prepares your bankruptcy or foreclosure defense. You are important to us. You are never handed off to a paralegal. We average less than 200 cases a year so you get individual attention. If you are looking  for an experienced effective bankruptcy attorney Nick is the attorney other attorneys  have recommended on Avvo and LinkeIn.

Louisville, KY Foreclosure Lawyer

Kentucky Indiana Bankruptcy

Download our How to file Bankruptcy Manual

Our manual explains how we defend foreclosures, strip second mortgages, bankrupt student loans and discharge income taxes. This manual is meant to be used with the material on our website and with us planning a strategy with you.  The manual prepares you for court and explains how to work with us to keep property and maximize the debt discharged. Planning when and how to file is often the difference between discharging income tax, student loan and foreclosures or losing assets.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is primarily used for foreclosures, student loan and income tax problems. A Chapter 7 is used when the debtor has primarily unsecured debt and small to average income and assets. The Kentucky exemptions now allow you to keep four times more home equity than before the law changed. See us if you need help to stop your foreclosure.

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