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If you are facing a foreclosure and want to learn more about the options you have and how you could save your home, read our free resources on the topic. All information is provided by bankruptcy attorney Nick C. Thompson.

Mortgage Modification Success Ratios

The History of Mortgage Modifications Congressional and other studies show in 2010 4% of homeowners were served with foreclosure. 250,000 foreclosures were started each month in 2010.  Only 100,000 homes sold.  Servicers allowed the other 150,000 to slip further into default.  Delaying foreclosures increased [...]

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Rescue and Predatory Home Mortgage Fraud

Kentucky Rescue and Predatory home mortgage fraud Rescue and Predatory home mortgage frauds are common. Recently a person came into our office after sending 10,000 dollars to a company in California.  That company claimed they would save their home from foreclosure. [...]

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