Audit Code on IRS Transcript for Bankrupting Taxes- All You Should Know

Irs transcripts codes

Welcome to our page about the IRS Transcript codes for bankrupting taxes. To bankrupt the income or dischargeable portion of a trust tax, you must obtain the tax transcript and review these key codes. There are some essential codes to know for analyzing when and how to file bankruptcy and discharge income and trust taxes. […]

Finishing a Chapter 13 Plan and Getting a Complete Discharge

Finishing a Chapter 13 Plan And Getting a Complete Discharge

Without taking the debtor education class and filing the discharge form you are not finishing a Chapter 13 plan & getting a complete discharge. Once your plan payments are complete the debtor has to file and  request a discharge. Interestingly, the request for discharge is a simple one-page form that states the home address of […]

Successfully Completing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Successfully Completing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You file Chapter 13 bankruptcy and it is confirmed. If possible, you want to complete your Chapter 13 to ensure you receive a discharge at the end of your plan. With Chapter 13, dismissal is when the case gets terminated without the entry of a discharge of debt. However, when the courts enter a discharge […]