Cheap Low-Cost Attorney Fees in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Attorney Fees in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The problem with cheap low-cost attorney fees in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is you get a cheap 500 – 600-dollar attorney.  Some debts fail to be discharged.  Fees are added on later.  Work often gets filed late or goes unfiled because you didn’t pay for it.  Or you lose property because he won’t do the work […]

Fraudulent or Preferential Transfers • Fair Market Value • Video

Fraudulent or Preferential Transfers. Fair Market Value

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water another shark-eating shark shows up. You might think a closing attorney or bank doesn’t have to pay both the seller and the buyer for a building. However, that’s incorrect. In fact, a trustee can undo a perfectly good property purchase. That’s when […]

Kentucky 60 Year Debt Collection Statute of Limitation

60 years statute of limitation in kentucky

Recently we were asked a question on Avvo about whether a debt collector can collect on an overdraft checking account after seven years. This person ran up overdraft charges, and USAA bank was holding him accountable on a checking account on the check. He asked if there was limited consumer protection in Kentucky state laws […]

How to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy • Video

How to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Protections for student loans limiting your ability to discharge student loans in bankruptcy have increased since 1978. Originally you could discharge all student loans until the following events occurred: An amendment in 1978 made student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy after five years of repayment. In 1990 bankruptcy discharges for student loans went to 7 years. […]

Paycheck Garnishments from Student Loans & the IRS

Paycheck Garnishments from Student Loans & the IRS

Both the IRS and Government guaranteed student loans can perform paycheck garnishments without going to court. But bankruptcy can stop the paycheck garnishments even if they are priority debts or they are not dischargeable. In fact, the IRS and Department of Education can issue the orders even in states that don’t allow garnishments. However, Chapter […]

Student Loans For Prisoners and the Dead

Student Loans

Can you believe it?! DOE gives out Student loans for prisoners and the dead. Additionally, what is happening is that since 2018 the Department of Education has not given out death and disability discharges. However, the facts are that the Department of Education gives fraudulent student loans to convicts in prison or people pretending to […]