Audit Code on IRS Transcript for Bankrupting Taxes- All You Should Know

Irs transcripts codes

Welcome to our page about the IRS Transcript codes for bankrupting taxes. To bankrupt the income or dischargeable portion of a trust tax, you must obtain the tax transcript and review these key codes. There are some essential codes to know for analyzing when and how to file bankruptcy and discharge income and trust taxes. […]

How to Sue the IRS in Bankruptcy Court

IRS Transcript Codes for Bankrupting Taxes

Perhaps you want to sue either the IRS or the state tax department. Ask us how to sue the IRS in bankruptcy court and determine if the taxes are dischargeable.  Only income taxes can be discharged but if you get the judge to determine dischargeability the issue is settled. You don’t have to just guess […]

State Income Tax Bankruptcy

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This is how to get the IRS account transcript you need in minutes. Discharging Kentucky and Indiana income taxes in bankruptcy is no different from discharging IRS federal income taxes. Accountants and lawyers used to file Form 8821 or 2848 in order to get them but now this can be done online. Below, we show […]