Including Income, Assets, Debts, and Expenses in a Bankruptcy Petition • Video

Including Income Assets, Debts and Expenses in a Bankruptcy Petition

If you are filing bankruptcy you must give an accurate listing of all income, assets, debts, and expenses in a bankruptcy voluntary petition. Furthermore, the more you educate yourself and plan your bankruptcy, the better your outcomes. Including Assets, Debts, Expenses, and Income in a Bankruptcy Petition Sometimes a person does not want to list […]

How to Keep Your Property When Filing Bankruptcy in Kentucky • Video

How to effectively stop foreclosure in 2020

If you are filing bankruptcy in Kentucky, your attorney must have an accurate record of your debts and property. Don’t leave property or debts out because you intend to pay it or you co-own the property. Fraud is Not Listing Debts, Transferring Property, and Income Tax Debts You can only exempt and keep property that is […]