Your Fresh Start on a New Budget with Bankruptcy

 A Fresh Start in Bankruptcy on a New Budget

How do we make sure you get a fresh start in bankruptcy on a new budget you can afford? Well, it’s simple. In short, we take the time to make sure you get a fresh start and a new budget you can afford. That’s because you must spend the right amount of time to prepare a successful bankruptcy filing.

Our typical client spends 2-6 hours with Nick in planning and preparing the bankruptcy petition. Many other practices spend less than half this amount of time preparing the petition. Why the extra time?

 A Fresh Start in Bankruptcy on a New Budget
A Fresh Start in Bankruptcy on a New Budget

Bankruptcy is All About an Accurate Petition

It is simple to just change the names on a form that includes standard cookie-cutter assets, budgets, and debts. That is how many offices cut corners by preparing a petition that takes thirty minutes or less with a paralegal. However, at Louisville Bankruptcy Attorney, we dig deeper to make sure you get the maximum debt relief. In using this tactic, we help to ensure that important items are not left out when you file.

⎆ We concentrate on difficult debts for your fresh start.

Again, Nick puts the work in to ensure that more difficult debts such as income taxes, student loans, and foreclosures get proper management and are, therefore, often dischargeable. We specialize in issues like foreclosure, income tax, and student loan collection—all of which accompany bankruptcy cases.

⎆ Perfect practice makes perfect.

We strive to make sure that your case gets the personal attention, and the qualified legal expertise it deserves for your fresh start. Most area law practices that concentrate on bankruptcy seem to believe that quantity equals quality. We don’t. Rather, we believe in quality over quantity. That’s why you never hear us brag about the number of cases we filed last month—because that misses the point.

Moreover, as an attorney with decades of experience in bankruptcy and foreclosure law, Nick reviews and prepares each case exclusively for each client. In fact, we never pass your case off to a paralegal or junior attorney. Rather, your initial consultation is with Nick Thompson personally.

⎆ The extra time we spend on details makes your fresh start possible.

The extra time we spend on attention to detail does not make the bankruptcy experience more difficult. In fact, you will find the opposite. We work hard to make filing your bankruptcy as easy as possible for your fresh start. That’s because we know how to do it and have the experience to back it up.

For a successful bankruptcy filing, simply gather the necessary documents, take the required online credit counseling, fill out the intake questionnaire, and make an appointment to prepare your petition.

I offer you the assurance that we have the expertise to handle cases at any level of difficulty. In fact, we can and will appeal your case all the way to the US Tax Court in Washington DC or the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, if necessary. I was one of the first attorneys to ever receive a license from the US Tax Court, (License #51 in 1988.) So, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Call me today at 502-625-0905.

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If you need to file bankruptcy, don’t delay because timing is crucial. I am here to help you. So, contact my office right away to start the conversation. Nick C. Thompson, Bankruptcy Lawyer: 502-625-0905.

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