Listed below are the best of the best Chapter 7 13 consumer bankruptcy attorneys, in my opinion, for every state.

None of them paid for this recommendation.

Best Chapter 7 13 Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Best Chapter 7 13 Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

These are not the largest law offices or the most profitable. They may do 100 cases a year or 1000, but they do it right. Their offices may be modest or fancy.  Most of them are members of NACBA, the national association of consumer bankruptcy attorneys.  Some of them have LLM certifications in a specialized area of the law, which means they studied after law school just as a brain surgeon specialized after medical school to do a particular limited area. Others have been trustees, judges/  I was an assistant attorney general and assistant county attorney.

These attorneys advise clients to spend less than they make. These lawyers often live the advice they give and design new budgets for a new life for their clients.  These are the consumer bankruptcy lawyers who teach other bankruptcy attorneys how to file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  These are the lawyers who know how to do their jobs and do it every day.

Why these Chapter 7 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Attorneys learn by watching these lawyers practice.  They are the lawyers I would go to as a consumer if I needed a bankruptcy.  Some have select areas they practice in and which they love to do.  Others have no particular area they work in, but they have a love of their work sets them apart from the wannabe lawyers.  Most attorneys know the simple five rules about how to bankrupt income taxes.  But there is only one Morgan King in California.

Sure, most bankruptcy attorneys know it is hard to discharge student loans.  But bankruptcy lawyers from across the country fly thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to attend the seminar Josh Cohen from in West Dover Vermont puts on several times a year where they learn how to manage student loans.  I have attended it several times, and I defend student loan cases in Kentucky.  I have some states which had two lawyers.  Morgan King is known nationwide and does tax work in California.  But I would be missing it if I didn’t include the Lawyer, which was honored by NACBA, who is Cathy Moran and does Bankruptcy Mastery, which helps to teach lawyers on bankruptcy.

Why these Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys were chosen

These Attorneys were selected for a variety of reasons.   Some lawyers have been successful in getting Chapter 13 cases confirmed when other lawyers would have given up.  Other Attorneys have a history of getting better results.  Or they may have set up their office in such an efficient manner that it gets cases through when other firms struggle.

These are the attorneys who do quality work. They are attorneys I respect and recommend. They are often no more expensive than a lawyer who just got out of school.  I didn’t just blindly pick these attorneys; I did the research.  For instance, John Rogers in Kentucky in Western Kentucky has done bankruptcy for years and has always been an officer in NACBA.  All the bankruptcy attorneys recognize John as a consumer bankruptcy attorney.  There are other lawyers who day in and day out file significant cases for large corporations. John does it for the average wage earner, and small business, just like Lloyd Koehler in southern Indiana.  Johns website is because he lives for bankruptcy cases he does for the common man he does nothing else.  I left myself and our website.  I am a former tax department attorney who prosecuted corporations for not paying their taxes. We only do bankruptcy and foreclosure cases. And I am also known for getting some of the undue hardship student loan discharges.

StateCityName Website and what they like to do in bankruptcy.Phone
CaliforniaDublinMorgan King 925-829-6363
CaliforniaRedwood CityCathy Moran bankruptcymastery.com650-694-4700
GeorgiaAugusta 30901Zane Leiden Father and Son office LeidenandLeiden.com706- 724-8548
IndianaNew Albany, EvansvilleLloyd Koehler
KentuckyGlasgowJohn Rogers
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
VermontWest Dover VermontJosh Cohen The Student Loan Lawyer
West Virginia


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