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Low Cost Bankruptcy Scams

Cheap bankruptcy attorneys are often scams & minority discrimination of the poor   Save yourself some money.  If you want to file a bankruptcy with the lowest cost read our book. Several studies show knowing how to file is far more effective at saving [...]

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File an Emergency Bankruptcy

Sometimes people wait until the last minute before a foreclosure sale. They are forced to file an emergency bankruptcy in Louisville Kentucky to stop a foreclosure sale. Yes we do file emergency petitions but we take the time to do [...]

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Tax and Bankruptcy Lawyer

Nick Thompson is a former assistant attorney general who worked for the tax department. He was assigned to prosecute business, trust and individual tax cases in West Virginia.   Nick's license is number 51 before the US Tax Court in Washington [...]

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How To Rent or Buy After Bankruptcy

Bad things happen in every family divorce, job loss etc. Sooner or later something happens. There is something seriously wrong if you have never had an accident or filed bankruptcy. Whether you are buying a car or renting a home these factors [...]

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