Kentucky Payday Loan Laws | Important Guidelines

Kentucky Payday Loan Laws

Payday loans seem to be a rescue and an appealing option when you struggle with your bills and debts. Payday loans can help in managing monthly payments. Payday lenders, also known as Cash Advance Companies or Check Cashing Stores, offer short-term loans with higher interest rates.

Primarily, these payday loan cash advance companies help borrowers meet their monthly payments until the arrival of their next paycheck. Moreover, payday loans serve as an emergency exit for some people, especially those with a tight financial situation. A payday loan is a light in the tunnel for people spiraling toward bankruptcy.

I have been dealing in this industry for more than 30 years now and have extensive knowledge of bankruptcy code and comprehend the handling of bankruptcy case types, including bankruptcy chapter 7 and bankruptcy chapter 13.

Payday loans are a legal option in Kentucky for a quick cash advance; however, they are not the only option. Browse this article until the end to learn more about how to avoid a payday loan, the Kentucky payday loan laws, and other options.

Payday Loan Laws – What are They?

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Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau guidelines, payday loans or paycheck advances are short-term loans with elevated interest rates from the payday loan providers, typically for 500 dollars until your next paycheck arrival.

Though there is no defined definition exists, some of the standard features described by several payday loan companies are listed as follows:

  • Payday loans are offered for small amounts, usually, around 500 dollars, give or take. In Kentucky, the maximum limit for payday loan providers is 500 dollars.
  • The payday loan fees range from 10 to 30 dollars for every 100 dollars borrowed, along with a 1-dollar database fee.
  • The borrowers typically owe the amount back the day their next paycheck arrives. The due dates might range from 2 to 4 weeks after you take the payday loan. The maximum loan term in Kentucky is 60 days.
  • Payday lenders working with Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans typically do not consider the borrowers’ ability to repay their loans.

Qualification Criteria for Payday Loans

Obtaining a payday loan is relatively easy; however, you must obey the following criteria:

  • Submit valid identification such as state ID or driving license
  • Submit a complete statement of your monthly income and future income
  • The borrower’s bank account must be a checking account
  • To apply for a payday loan, you must be 18 years or older

Are Payday Loans Included in Bankruptcy?

In chapter 13, the payday loans are partially discharged; if you file for bankruptcy in chapter 7, your payday loan will be discharged entirely.

In chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court will ask you to repay your debt through a defined and set repayment plan. Likely, payday loans are the same as other unsecured installment loans and probably include your repayment plan so that you can pay them back along with other creditors.

Subsequently, you might be able to discharge some of the payday loans in chapter 13 bankruptcy, provided with the evidence that paying these payday loans back will put on a lot of pressure on your finances under a hardship provision.

Let us consider an example, suppose a person can not pay their monthly payments in an extended repayment period due to unemployment or economic distress; such loans will simply be discharged.

Can Payday Loans Be Cleared with Bankruptcy?

Most of the time, bankruptcy allows people to clear out some or all of their payday loans. In chapter 7 bankruptcy, most people end up discharging their debts. Not only the medical bills and credit card bills but also their payday loan.

However, if you file for chapter 13, your payday loans will be partially discharged, and the rest will be included in the repayment plan.

Kentucky Payday Loan Laws and Options

payday loan comapnies lend you money at higher interest rates

The biggest drawback of payday loans is their enormously high annual percentage or APR rate. The Kentucky payday loans lenders sometimes charge up to 460% APR. Simply put, a pair of shoes worth 30 dollars with an APR percentage of 460% will cost you up to 138 dollars.

Secondly, according to Kentucky, payday loan laws are short-term. Like in Kentucky, you must pay back the payday loan within 60 days, which sometimes creates difficulty.

However, a Kentucky payday loan qualification usually doesn’t require a minimum credit score limit. Moreover, in some stances, you only have to bring your checkbook.

Furthermore, in Kentucky, you can borrow twice from a single payday loan lender, up to 500 dollars for a single borrower.

The Department of Financial Institutions is regulating payday lenders. This Kentucky Department of financial institutions has issued fines to several payday lenders to maintain strict surveillance.

Payday Loans and Fraudulent Acts

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There has been an ongoing fight against payday loans. Currently, 34 out of 50 states allow payday lenders to work safely and freely. And technically, Kentucky is one of those states that have not authorized the free regulation of payday loans.

But many people still offer Kentucky payday loan services unless their license expires. This change can not be immediate as it is more like a gradual transition. Therefore, the borrower must be aware before taking payday loans.

Most importantly, there are some critical issues that you should keep in consideration after borrowing from a Kentucky payday loan company. Firstly, knowing that you might file for bankruptcy sooner, taking a payday loan is fraudulent. It is because you tried to cheat the system by not paying the money back by making bankruptcy an excuse.

Bankruptcy doesn’t discharge debts that are fraudulent debts. If creditors are spotted at some point of bankruptcy as a fraudulent act, they can object to your discharge orders and ultimately can file for adversary proceedings.

Payday loan companies typically ask for a post-dated paycheck in exchange for the cash advance they provide. But this brings two problems: first, the payday lenders cash the check after you file the bankruptcy petition, violating the automatic stay protection.

Secondly, the payday loan lending company might begin to accuse you of writing a lousy post-date paycheck and threaten you with criminal charges.

Can I Apply for Payday Loan While Working in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

You are pledged to make payments on your credit for the next 3-5 years while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. During that period, you are bound to receive bankruptcy court approval before applying for a new loan amount.

In simple words: it is tough to get new loans while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, especially when encountering financial hardship. Already you have to make monthly debt repayments, so adding more loans from payday loan providers will add more baggage to you.

Moreover, there are some cases where people get back so much on their repayments that the bankruptcy court has to dismiss their case. If such a thing happens, there is a possibility you could file bankruptcy chapter 13 and list the payday loan providers along with the creditors to pay back.

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