Mycaseinfo allows you to fill out your intake information from home.  Filling this out online saves your time and ours so we appreciate it!   If you do not have a computer you may use our office. The below link will email you the login to your questionnaire which takes about 2 hours to complete. You will be able to upload your documents to us.  If you have bank statements, paystubs, taxes just put those in order and scan them in as a pdf instead of printing them.   We will take copies of your documents and scan them in for you if you need to.

Filing in our office

We input your paystubs or income documentation so please bring paystubs with you so we can calculate income for you.  We calculate income from your prior 6 months of paystubs (prior 6 months not the present month) Be sure to list the complete street address for each debt.  When you are done simply take the class, make your appointment and bring your documentation.  The video at the bottom of the page shows how to properly get a free credit report to help you.  Credit reports normally have addresses for the creditors.  You can also repair your credit as soon as you get your discharge and take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University training for free if you wish.

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 The below links show a normal property list, budget and overlooked expenses.  In a Chapter 13 case you will be asked to live on a tight budget.  One judge in Kentucky has  ordered cable internet and phone expenses must be less than 5% of your income.

Common Property for a family of 3

Common Income/Expenses for a family of 3

Often overlooked expenses for Chapter 13 cases.

Your bankruptcy petition must be complete and accurate. We have to document your answers and prove your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. CPA’s with the Department of Justice audit bankruptcy filings for accuracy, and completeness.   You will be asked to document answers, especially charitable contribution over 100 a month, 401k contributions, school tuition and medical if the expenses are much higher than average. We will review your answers in our office and make any correction when you come into prepare the petition.   We appreciate you filing bankruptcy online so it saves your time and ours! .


    1. Include addresses for any debt and collection agency or law firm. You want the collection agency or law firm to get notice too!
    2. For Household goods don’t list every spoon, fork and cd you own. Instead list any item that would sell at a yard sale for over 500 and each room of furniture.

Short Video: How to properly get your free credit report and how hard it is to repair credit.

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