GLA Debt Collections often collects for medical debt in Kentucky and the surrounding states. It has been our experience with GLA after a debt sent to them there is little or no reason to settle or pay the debt. If the unpaid collection item is placed on your credit report, there is little or nothing else a debt collector will do and little benefit the debtor gets by paying. If anything payment only makes a fico score drop and encourages more debt collection activity.

GLA Debt Collections Harassment Settlements and Lawyers

GLA Debt Collections Harassment Settlements and Lawyers

GLA Debt Collections Harassment Settlements and Lawyers

There are several ways you can stop the harassment from debt collectors which operate in Kentucky. Some of the law firms which represent debt collectors include.Williams and Williams; Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC; Fenton and Mcgarvey; Morgan Pottinger McGarvey; and Fowler Bell.. If you pay the debt collectors your FICO score may actually drop and you encourage more collections by paying one debt collector.

Debt Collection law firms will sue a debtor to collect. This includes filing a lien on a home, attaching bank accounts wages and in rare cases, we have seen cars and furniture taken from a home. It is very important that you respond to any lawsuit. If the creditor wins a judgment, they will collect interest and attorney fees which balloons and increases the debt.   A contract does not have to be sued for 15-years in Kentucky. Once a creditor obtains a judgment lien and attaches a home the judgment is good for 20 years and the lien may difficult or impossible to remove later.

⎆ GLA Collections Debt Collector

GLA in our experience will not negotiate for any substantial reduction of the debt. They rarely sue to collect medical and other debts sent to them. They do make constant and repeated mailings and calls. Paying them will often cause a tax debt for any amount less than paying the full amount.

Just like Bankruptcy people get behind often due to divorce, death in the family, disease, or being discharged from work. We often call this the 4 Ds and causes of delinquency.   Being behind on your debt may be no fault of your own.

Medical debt is often charged off after about six months. After this debt collectors like GLA or; Pennyrile Collections call, demanding payment.   I have never seen or heard of debt collectors suggesting to you, filing bankruptcy, or suing the doctor as an alternative. Debt collectors like GLA collections get their pay by taking a percentage of the amount they collect.

Often the only solution a debt collector will offer is you give them money. There may be programs that the hospital has which will help pay the debt. If you are contacted by GLA be sure to ask about these programs.  If you believe the amount for the debt is wrong, you can ask for arbitration, but you must ask for it.

There are apps like record all calls that allow you to record the conversation with the debt collector. You can also block the calls or ask that they place you on their do not call list if you don’t want to hear from them for months or years.

⎆ GLA Collections Lawyer Harassment

GLA primarily collects consumer debts for others. The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act only applies to debt collectors and consumer debts. When a debt collector attempts to collect the debt owed to another company or person. For consumer debt, the FDCPA applies. If you believe you have been treated with disrespect or been given misleading information to collect a debt, you probably have an FDCPA case. Other acts like FCRA and TCPA allow you to sue debt collectors.

To win an FDCPA case against a debt collector like GLA, you must file your case within one year after the harassment. A successful case will award you minimum damage of 1000 dollars plus your attorney fees and court costs.

Debt collection agencies like GLA pursue receive a percentage of the amount they collect. Some Debt collectors buy the debt for about 4% of what is owed or less, and then they will attempt to collect the debt. They may only have 4% invested in the bad debt, but they will attempt to collect the full amount.

⎆ Stopping the Harassment

Nothing stops the harassment quite like filing bankruptcy. But, there can be other options like debt settlement. First, you have a right to privacy. So, when you get a call from GLA, you can tell them you want all future contact in writing. Then, send them a request by certified mail that states that you only want contact by writing. In that same request, also state that you are the only person they can contact. You must include this because collectors often contact family members, employers, neighbors, and friends in an attempt to coerce you to repay.

With the certified, return receipt, you have documentation that the debt collector has the document in hand. For a minor fee, you can also hire an attorney. If you hire an attorney to represent you, they cannot legally contact you without violating the FDCPA. For more information on FDCPA and contempt lawsuits see our page on the FDCPA.

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