We are coming to get your property Barbara

Below is the contact information for the Panel Trustees Louisville Kentucky Western Division Bankruptcy Court.  The job of a Panel Trustee is to insure the accuracy of a petition and to collect any asset that is available for the benefit of creditors.   Exemptions allow you to keep property necessary for a fresh start after the bankruptcy.   The Trustee is paid a commission for any asset he may be able to take.    This commission starts at 25% and is reduced on a sliding scale.


Trustee Marque G. Carey The Starks Bldg, Suite 1250 455 South 4th Street Louisville, KY  40202 Office: (502) 473-646 Fax:  NA e-mail: marquecareytrustee@aol.com

Trustee William J. Clarke 7982 New LaGrange Road, Suite One Louisville, KY  40222 Office:  (502) 327-6787 Fax: (502) 327-6725 e-mail: willclarketrustee@bellsouth.net

Trustee ROBERT W. KEATS P.O. Box 221377 Louisville, KY  40252 Office:  (502) 587-8787 Fax: (502) 425-9104 e-mail:  rkeats@bellsouth.net

Trustee WM. STEPHEN REISZ 500 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 2450 Louisville, KY 40202 Office:(502) 569-7550 Fax:    (502) 561-0025 e-mail:  wsreisz@hotmail.com

Trustee GORDON A. ROWE, JR. 9462 Brownsboro Road #106 Louisville, KY 40241 Office:  (502) 584-1300 Fax: (502) 584-9555 e-mail:  gartrustee@bellsouth.net

Trustee MICHAEL E. WHEATLEY 2 Anchorage Pointe Louisville, KY 40223 Office:  (502) 744-6484 Fax: NA e-mail:  mwheatley@insightbb.com

Trustee WILLIAM W. LAWRENCE (Ch 7) 200 S. Seventh Street, Ste. 300 Louisville, KY 40202 Office: (502) 583-4484 (7) Fax:not available e-mail:   wlch7ecf@gmail.com


Trustee WILLIAM W. LAWRENCE 200 S. Seventh Street, Ste. 310 Louisville, KY 40202 Office:  (502) 581-9042 (13)   Fax:  not available e-mail:  ECF@louchapter13.com (13)


Trustee Scott Goldberg 512 Gene Snyder Courthouse 601 West Broadway Louisville, KY 40202 Office:  (502) 582-6000 Fax:      (502) 582-6147 e-mail:  ustpregion08.lo.ecf@usdoj.gov

Joe Golden has retired along with Judge Stosberg.  May they both enjoy their retirements after their long years of service..    Here are the questions asked by the Trustees at your hearing.

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