I want to be known as the attorney in Kentucky and Southern Indiana to go to for student loan bankruptcy cases. These cases are some of the important cases on getting student loan discharges. The link on the left is the document the description for the document is on the right.

CasesCitation and Summary
Andresen v. Nebraska Student LoanUndue Hardship Allowed Andreson v Nebraska Student Loan Program, Inc. Treated a state lender similar to private lender.  This case outlines and compares the different types of undue hardship discharges and partial discharges.
Bender v. ECMC
Loan Payments inside/outside plan COCase explaining how to calculate a Chapter 13 plan to allow for student loan repayment without discrimination
Casim v ECMC 6th Circuit 2008
Student loan percent discriminationCase explaining how to calculate a Chapter 13 plan to allow for student loan repayment without discrimination
Student loan percent discriminationThe memorandum brief for above case BOSCACCY
Cline v. Illinois Student Loan
Collection Charges US Brief
Complaint against Bank, School
Complaint against schoolActual Case Word Document Suit against School
Complaint against Bank and School
Cosigner hardship discharges
Cumberworth v. DOE
Denise Bronsdon Brunner is not the only test this case used the totality of the circumstances test to determine undue hardship some of the judges in NY no longer use brunner.
ECMC v Reynolds
ECMC v. Jesperson
False Certification
Ford v. Student Loan Guarantee
Gainful Employment
Hann-v-ECMC (1st_circuit]
Hedlund v Educational Resources Institute and Penn. Higher Education Assistance
In Re Reynolds
Interrogatories for Plaintiff to DOE
Johnson v. Missouri Baptist College
Lee v.Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas
Long v. ECMC
Marx v GRC
McCormick v. Diversified Collection
Parker v. General Revenue Corp
Partial Discharges Easier Law Review
Disability Discharge Challenge
Sample Pleading undue hardship
School Fraud case
Student loans v unsecured
Claim Denial
Student loan complaint A short complaint
LarsonSome expenses are allowed to undue hardship cases and some are not
Income contingent loan program Attempt at ICR program was required first
Payments inside and outside plan Order allowing low payments inside the plan and full payments for long term debt outside.
Pro Se case Holden v Sallie Mae Well drafted complaint
cosigner hardship discharge case Well Drafted Complaint
Summary Judgment Support Disability Based Plaintiff Summary Judgment
Svoboda v. ECMC. Decision Showing the Burden of Proof and how hard an appeal is for factual discretion
Undue hardship
Wieckiewicz v ECMC [11th]
West Law PSI News release for jail time given to owner of a business school for doctoring records so that he would not lose accredidation. Similar sentences have been given to a paralegal school in Paducah and Louisville Dexter college.
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