This is how to research Pacer and check my Bankruptcy case. If you are trying to search pacer for a bankruptcy filing you must either do it through pacer or inforuptcy. Here in these videos is how to search pacer and inforuptcy.  Pacer allows attorneys the ability to download your case documents from anywhere on the planet including your petition and Chapter 13 plan.  Inforuptcy is a free service, pacer access is restricted to those persons who have an account with the court system.  Almost every Chapter 13 trustee also maintains a website so you can look up the progress of your case and information about the specific rules for a Chapter 13 in your district.  In the Western district of Kentucky William Lawrence  Beverly Burden in the eastern district maintains 

Why do I need to research Pacer or check a Trustee website for my case.

You must be certain when prior cases were filed to make sure that you meet the time restrictions to bankrupt income taxes and to make sure you can file. The failure to meet time deadlines will mean whether or not people discharge a tax to miss the date completely. It will also mean whether or not you get a discharge in the case you are filing.

Your attorney is responsible for your petition but you are responsible for making payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee.  Also if you want information from the Trustee you will have to interact directly with the Trustee to find out how much you are behind in payments etc.  You are far better off finding out directly whether you are up to date in your payments than asking the attorney to ask the Chapter 13 secretary to ask the Chapter 13 Trustee. Many Trustees and local courts have various rules on how they want debtors to make payments or reports made such as an annual budget. Your attorney can download your original budget to help you prepare the report but you normally prepare the report with your new income and expenses. The attorney is responsible for your petition and motions to suspend plan payments, modify the plan and obtain a new car loan. But you may be responsible for some of the minor duties.


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